Credit Cards

To report a lost or stolen card, please call 1-800-991-4961.

These days, the mail is full of credit card offers that promise all sorts of “good deals.”  However, the closer you look at their fine print, the less attractive they really are.

The benefits of a credit card from your credit union are plain and simple. Compare our card with your current credit card, and you’re likely to find we offer lower rates and fees.  In other words, a credit union credit card will save you money every time you use it.

To apply for a card, call or stop by the office for an application.


  • No Annual Fee
  • 25 day grace period for repayment of balance for purchases
  • No Transaction fee for Purchases
  • No Balance Transfer fee
  • 15.75% APR fixed rate on purchases and cash advances
  • $37.00 late payment fee
  • $12.00 Plastic Card Replacement
  • $5.00 PIN Number Replacement
  • $37.00 Return Check fee
  • Method of computing the balance for purchases: Average Daily Balance including New Purchases

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