With all our recent upgrades our online banking and mobile app have been upgraded. The Mobile app will not be up and running until the week of the 21st, but you can go thru home banking now which is new and improved and much easier to use! your user name will be your account number and the passwords will be the last 4 of your ssn for the first time you sign in! no more code cards!

 Inclement Weather – Branch Update

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 Inclement Weather – Branch Update
For the safety of our members and employees alike, branch hours may be modified during periods of inclement weather. Today Thursday February 3rd ,2022 we will close at 3 PM and Open at 11 AM Friday February 4th, 2022  Notice of branch hour changes can be found on our website at or by calling any branch office.  If hours have been changed due to weather conditions, we suggest that before going to a branch, you check back with us to make sure we are open.   For your convenience, you can access your account any time through It’s Me 247 Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Call 24 and at any ATM.


We are happy to announce that the week of January 24, 2022. We will be upgrading all of our system. Our debit card system will switch to a live system meaning you will not have to wait for debit cards to update anymore. We will have a new upgraded online banking, online bill pay, Mobile app and mobile deposit system and also and new automated banking system where you will be able to check your balances and do transfers over the phone to make it more users friendly and easier for our members! Please excuses us while their maybe some issues along the way, if you have any questions or concerns please give us a call right away and we will be happy to take care of you


As we closely monitor the Coronavirius situation we have decided to change our fridays hours we will close at 4 instead of 5, with a limit of 3 members in the branch at a time All other hours are business as usually Monday thru Friday 830-4 over the next 2 weeks due to coronavirus situation continues to evolve after 2 weeks we will revisit. As the situation continues to change, we’re taking action to better service you. Your health and our employees’ health is top priority. We’re taken extra measure to ensure a clean and healthy environment in our branch. We’re sanitizing the branch numerous times per day. We like to ask our member if they are feeling unwell to please stay home and to contact the branch to see how we can service your banking needs, also reminding all of members they do have access to their account thru online banking/mobile banking where you can make mobile deposits, we have automated 24/7 banking system where you can check on your account make transfer and be up to date on all your activity. Please contact us to get this set up for you. We also have a night drop (to the right of the front door) for drop off for nonbanking hours. We want to thank you for being a member at the Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union pleases contact the branch if you have any questions or concerns.


Use different usernames and passwords for each of your online activities and change both credentials, often using long passwords with different characters. Set your operating systems and trusted applications to update automatically, ensuring security patches are applied as soon as they’re available. And remember, never alter the manufacturer’s security settings on your device (called jail breaking or rooting), which could make your device vulnerable to attacks from malicious apps.. please contact the branch if you have any questions or concerns.

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Four Tips for Healthy Credit

  1. Understand the components of a credit score

Healthy credit is more than just the rate you pay on a credit card. Your credit can affect your ability to purchase a home, send your child to college and plan for retirement.  FICO Scores are used in over 90 percent of U.S. lending decisions, so understanding how this number is calculated is an important step to improving and managing the health of your credit.

  1. Aim to only use 30 percent of your available credit.

Using more than 30 percent could negatively impact your score. Keep in mind that most credit card companies report your outstanding balance as of the statement closing date. Paying your bill in full each month prior to the statement closing date will help keep your utilization down and your score up.

  1. Be careful not to close out your older credit accounts.

Closing older credit accounts could decrease the reported length of your credit history and negatively impact your credit score.

  1. Be mindful when submitting multiple credit applications.

If you are considering a large purchase such as a car and will be submitting multiple credit applications, try to do so within two weeks to avoid having multiple inquiries impact your credit score.