Its Finally That time of year again!!! Kennywoods Open!

Its Finally That time of year again!!! Kennywoods Open!
Discounted Kennywood Tickets Available!
Kennywood Regular Admission tickets are now available in the branch for 29.00!!
senior citizens ages 55 + for 21.99
You can also purchase tickets through the link available on the site for the 29.00 but there is a 1.50 Processing Fee to do so
For Members Only


New sign

As of April 19th we have mailed all of our members out new debit cards. Everyone member should have a new card, with a new number, and they can pick their own pin number too! If you have any questions please give us a call in the branch

all of members who have a Credit card with us with have a new credit card number starting on May 19th


Did you know Most Cash Back Credit Card Companies can offer you 5% Cash back because they are charging you 22%-29% interest on the balances that you carry on those cards!!! So you are paying twice the amount of interest just to get that cash back! Did you know the Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union offers a Credit Card As low as 12.75 With Approval!!!!! Stop paying those high rates on those Credit cards! Stop in Today and apply for our CC !



Dear Member,
Great News You Can now set up for Access To Pittsburgh Federal Credit unions Automated Phone Banking system! You can Begin by Calling the Branch and getting Set up once the branch has you set up you can Call 412-278-3390, Your Pin Number is the last four Digits of your Social Security Number which after  your first use you do have the option to change through the automated system you will enter your account number as follows
050_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Menu Options:
1) Account Summary
2) Saving balance and history
3) Checking balance and history
4) List of Cleared Checks
5) Loan Balances and payment history
6) Vacation Club balances and history
7) Christmas Club balances and history
8) Request a check withdrawal
9) Transfer Funds
0) Change your Pin Number
To get set up or If you have any questions please give us a call at 412-381-6363
Thank you for being a Member of the Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union!
Hope Egnac
CEO/ President



Supervisory Committee Performing Annual Account Verification

Each year, your Supervisory Committee performs an annual audit; part of that audit is to verify account balances in savings and loan accounts.  Please look for the message on your December statement requesting that you contact the Supervisory Committee at Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 59106, Pittsburgh, PA 15210 if you do not agree with the amount of your savings or loan balances.